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QGC Vandvis Sweet Truffle of Teoli

Color: Chocolate
FIV/FeLV negative
Blood type "A"

HCM Normal September 2016
HCM Normal November 2017

Sweet Truffle's Photo Gallery

Vandvis Sweet Truffle traveled all the way from Moscow to join the Teoli family and we could not be more pleased with this little girl. She is living up to her name as "SWEET." Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her gentle, easy going personality. She is happy to sit with anyone who has a warm lap. This little girl is also a natural in the show ring and has done exceptional. Thank you Olga Nyunina for your friendship and trust with this amazing chocolate doll.

RW SGC Newans Lilaia of Teoli

Color: Chocolate Mink and White
FIV/FeLV - negative
Blood type "A"

HCM Normal September 2017
HCM Normal September 2018

Lilaia's Gallery

Newans Lilaia of Teoli! This little girl stole my heart with her little chocolate smudge on her nose, and her amazing eyes. She has huge wide based ears, a gorgeous body and skin like no other! We are so excited and honored to have this amazing girl join Teoli. Thank you Olga Nyunina for trusting us with this beautiful treasure. I am beyond honored and grateful! Her temperament is absolutely fantastic and LOVES the show hall. She is happiest surrounded by people to love on her!

Teoli Eeva Noir

Color: Black Tortie
FIV/FeLV negative
Blood type "A"

HCM Normal January 2018

Eeva Noir's Gallery

This little tortie was born at Teoli and we quickly realized she had to stay with us. Eeva means "star in the night" in Tahitian and we can already see that this sweet girl shines brightly. She has a wonderful temperament and nothing phases her. She is like her mom in that she is an instant purr machine and happy all the time.We are excited to see her continue to develop and we think she is a perfect addition to Teoli! 

Newans Love From Russia

Welcome Newans Love from Russia! We will call her  "Luba," a name meaning "love" in Russian. This little girl has ears for days and we are forever grateful to Olga Nyunina for this gorgeous girl. This little one has quickly made an imprint on our hearts as her happy personality is infectious. We are excited to continue to watch her grow.

Teoli Sweet Treazure

Color: Chocolate Point and White
D.O.B: 4-2-2018

Noka's Gallery

We are so excited for this little princess! Teoli Sweet Treazure, aka NoKa, is living with my dear friend Lisa Wattle of Dare2BNaked in sunny California. I am so excited to watch this little girls journey. I have a feeling she is out to do great things! Thank you, Lisa, for all your love and the best care for our girl!

Color: Black and White
D.O.B: 12-26- 2017
Blood type "A" 

HCM Normal November 2018

Love From Russia Gallery