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Sphynx Care

It is important that all my families adopting a kitten from Teoli Sphynx are well educated on the care of a sphynx. Before picking up your kitten, I will be sure to go through all care in complete detail, including food, litter and litter box recommendations, but the following will provide you with some basics on the regular care needed for your hairless baby.

Since the Sphynx has very little hair to absorb body oils they have to be bathed at least once every 1-2 weeks. When bathing a Sphynx you can use a mild baby shampoo or baby bath. I found that using a soft loofa glove helps to remove the oil build up.

It is very important to clean sphynx ears regularly, at least once a week. Due to the oil and wax build up, they will need to be cleaned well. A Q-tip or tissue works well. I will demonstrate the proper way to clean their ears when you pick up your kitten. 

The Sphynx also lacks eyelashes, which can result in brownish mucous in the corners of their eyes (this is normal). Use a clean soft washcloth, or make up pad with warm water, and gently wipe the cat’s eyes and face.

Sphynx nails need to be clipped and cleaned regularly. The nails and surrounding skin folds tend to gather oil. I have found the easiest time to clean and cut them is after a bath. I use regular human nail clippers to trim the nails. It is important to avoid cutting the quick of the nail.

Sphynx can develop bad gingivitis over the years if their teeth are ignored. I like to add an enzymatic toothpaste to their regular routine. If you remember to use the tooth paste regularly, it can cut down on dental cleanings needed by your veterinarian.

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